Becky (2020)

Action/ Crime/ Horror
Rated 18
Spoiler Free

I’d wrongly put on Becky thinking it was a horror, which is my bad and I don’t know how I managed it because there’s nothing remotely suggesting that in the synopsis. Angsty teenager Becky (Lulu Wilson) defends her family from a group of escaped cons led by Dominick (Kevin James), and that, as they say, is it. No more no less.

Kevin James, with his big manly beard and swastika tattoo looks like Vern Schillinger’s dream bloke; a big cuddly racist prison bear. On that, what do white supremacist rapists fantasize about when they close their eyes and bite their lip? Is it a lovely, supple prag tossing their salad, or is the sexual assault born of the environment rather than a deeper desire? Dominick's motley crew of day-tripping criminals are of varying levels of competency in the subdue and subjugate a teenage girl department.

Becky is, of course, some sort of rampage wunderkind and picks off people with increasing levels of pleasing violence. The kills get more and more silly and fun and as such so does the film, improving as the baddies get ripped apart. That, however, is the only reason I kept watching, and killings only elevated Becky from a fairly poor start to a “meh”.

Bedsit it?

To be honest, even if it is your thing, Becky really doesn’t offer much. Oh, and it’s not a horror film. 5/10

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