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Saint Maud (2019)

Saint Maud (2019) Spoiler Free Drama/ Horror/ Mystery Rated 15 Although Saint Maud was made (and sort of released- at festivals) in 2019, it is a recent release in terms of its availability. Critically acclaimed and at only eighty four minutes it is short, but is it as sharp as the reviews made out? Time spent on the shelf can be bad omen, and there's not a lot of wiggle room for a meandering plot there. Actually, deciding to go along with the reviews and the promise of some clever new horror, its brevity appealed to me. Maud is a nurse who starts a new job caring for terminally ill, formerly famous dancer, Amanda. Maud is, it is fair to say, a big fan of God. The nurse sees herself as more than just a carer for her ward, she is also her spiritual saviour. Amanda, is less keen on the latter role. Saint Maud’s central pair of Morfydd Clark (Maud) and Jennifer Ehle (Amanda) have a wonderful chemistry, where unrequited devotion meets unrequited spite and an unholy relationship is conc

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