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Barbarian (2022)

Horror Rated 18 Disney Plus Spoiler Free Who invented the “a script has to have an exciting incident in the first six minutes” idea? Actually, I bet Michael Bay made it up, he has a shorter concentration span than me. Or Harvey Weinstein because if you don’t have an exciting event in six minutes he’ll…. Maybe I won’t make that joke. The walrus cunt. Whoever it was, and as much as I think it is bullshit, the opening to your story should at least have more to it than a fucking Air BnB mix up starring two pretty bland characters. Although I bitch and moan, that’s my personality and it isn’t always a signifier of much past proving I still breathe air, Barbarian feels relatively fresh despite carrying a lot of well trodden genre tropes. Stopover mix-up turns nightmare dive into what is initially an interesting little enclave. Barbarian devolves from promising new idea to an abundance of horror film plot driving idiocy so fast I didn’t have time to write it down. Trying to be interesting,

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