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Collective (2019)

Collective (2019) AKA Collectiv: Unravelling a Scandal Spoiler Free Documentary Rated 15 BBC IPlayer (Storyville) London’s tube network is a modern marvel; a sprawling labyrinth of tunnels running to every corner of the capital, ferrying people to jobs and to shops and to parks and museums. Or at least it is doing that again now after a hiatus, during which it was often only me and a handful of others (which I must say was lovely compared to an overcrowded carriage). The tube, and in particular the Northern Line which I get, is also fucking noisy . Seriously, see for yourself, it tips 100 decibels at numerous points on my daily journey . Because of this, listening to music or a podcast is nigh on impossible unless I want to further traumatise my eardrums by whacking the volume right up. Apart from read, my next favourite thing to do is put a documentary on with subtitles (I hate subtitles on anything dramatic, because it ruins the, well, it ruins the drama). Documentaries don't ne

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