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99 (2024)

Documentary/Sports Rated 15 Amazon Prime Spoiler alert, Manchester United Football Club had a very good year in 1999. Why am I, an Arsenal fan who spent years hating Man United with a passion normally reserved for child murderers, watching the documentary 99 about their treble winning season? I’ll tell you for why, because I’m interested in seeing the nuts and bolts of the story behind it and that’s why documentaries exist. Arsenal's biggest rivals at that time went and one-upped our double winning 1998 team the very next year and I am only just now over it. Just . As much as I hated Manchester United back then, and now a bit, I definitely signed quite a few of their players on Championship Manager in those years. Possibly even Nicky Butt, though I could never confirm or deny that and he comes across really well in 99. How long do you have to film Roy Keane before he seems reasonable though? He’s been a pundit for ages and Sky Sports have never managed it. The makers of 99 must h

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