Moonfall (2022)

Action/ Adventure/ Sci-Fi
Rated 12A
Spoiler Free

Roland Emmerich is known for over the top, bombastic, big budget events. Independence Day was a huge success in its day (1996), his Godzilla (1998) is actually rather underrated and looking at his IMDb page there are some great fun films he’s made in his CV.

Moonfall stars Patrick Wilson, Halle Berry and John Bradley (aka Samwell Tarly from Game of Thrones) and its premise is, guess what, that the moon is falling into the earth! What could be more disastrously disastrous than the sky falling on our heads? Well, fortunately good ol’, wrongly disgraced ex-astronaut Brian (Wilson) and hobby-boffin Samwell Tarly are here to save the day along with Halle Berry’s eye candy.

Here's where Moonfall lives and dies- what the flipping hell do you expect from a film with this set up? It was never going to be Interstellar. This is a big screen piece of bubblegum fun; brain firmly in neutral (or reverse, perhaps), zone out and watch the world crash and burn, without looking outside at it going on for real. I had moderately low expectations and they weren’t far off what Emmerich and co. fed my tired little brain windows.

Yes, that is a submarine.

Some of the CGI feels a little bit too CGI-y, but I can’t stress this enough, Moonfall is about the moon falling into the earth, there’s no real world precedent here (yet). The plot zips along to the point where it feels like someone in the editing room said, “what’s all this talking, we’ll have no exposition here, the moon is falling, what more do they need?!” and it’s cheesier than a tramp’s phimosis. I imagine.

None of this stopped me enjoying the preposterous silliness. I probably don’t need to ever see it again, but Moonfall provided just the right amount of street-brie for an acceptable fondue. Yummy.

Bedsit it?

I’ll drop the frenulum-fromage visuals, because this is a very serious matter, you might hate Moonfall and that is a perfectly valid response but I have to provide a po-faced score. For me, it did the trick as a B-Movie, popcorn flick. 6/10

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