Breeder (2020)

Rated 18
Spoiler Free

There was some Twitter buzz around Breeder, from what I remember, but then my memory ain’t great. Nevertheless, keen to find a horror which actually scares me or brings something new to the table, I bought it. After the email from Warner Brothers I have to pay for films now. 

Breeder is Danish and about a woman who is farming human babies via, you guessed it, breeders in order to use their blood to make older people look younger- like a fucking QAnon wet dream. Unfortunately, this is Breeder’s best idea and it isn’t very good; they don't even have lizards. The rest of it plays derivatively and rather disgustingly. The clue is in the title.

Years ago I almost stopped watching Martyrs because I was finding the relentless violence towards women and only women baseless and stomach churning. Sticking with Martyrs was a good decision as the ending is worth it, unique and creative, despite the horror. Riding out the relentless misery towards women in Breeder, was not. It is awful, and its worst crime is it’s rather dull.

Breeder takes itself very seriously, and clearly has lofty aspirations, but apart from being Danish feels like it has elements of so many other films thrown into a blender. If you’re a horror hound, this will annoy you. If you’re not, Breeder will still annoy you.

Bedsit it?

Only if you disagree with almost all of my other reviews. 3/10

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