Honeydew 2020

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Irritating couple wind up as prisoner-guests of an eerie country couple who are clearly hiding something? Yes, Honeydew is as contrived as it sounds, its premise a well-trodden trope for horror and go to of lazy filmmaking. Suffice to say I wasn’t expecting much from it, though it does at least have a tempting looking cast (Sawyer Spielberg- son of Steven and Lena Dunham) and also came with the semi-recommendation of a friend at work who is into exactly the same kind of messed up carnage that I am.

Not a lot happens for some time. The people behind it might call it building atmosphere or tension, but it isn't. It's boring. The sound design is grating as to be honest, is some of the acting and the stylistic choices made by the filmmakers. Honeydew goes a bit fever-dream for a while. Surreal. I wouldn't say I didn't like it, but it didn't really do much for me either. Damned with faint praise and a double negative.

I’ve mentioned it already but the couple in Honeydew are really annoying. He's greedy and entitled, she's controlling and self-righteous. Quite frankly, as with most horror films, you know somebody's going to end up getting hurt and I didn't care which of them it was going to be. The film obviously teases cannibalism, which people always go on about like it's a bad thing. The ethical issues chomping on people raises are well and truly negated by my desire to see these two carved up into delicious little pieces.

My friend’s “positive” to take away from Honeydew was that she was moderately shocked by the ending (though it didn’t sound like in a particularly good way). My inkling that it was headed south in a certain direction became more and more of a certainty. Are they going to do that? Yes. That's exactly what they're going to do. That's exactly what they do. Honeydew finishes itself off pleasingly, but that’s little mercy.

There's an X-Files episode with a very similar idea to Honeydew, only that had Mulder and Scully in it, who I like.

Bedsit it?

What Honeydew does has been done before, it's been done better and efforts to throw you off the scent that it's going where it’s going, don’t work. Still, it does all get pretty messed up towards the end, which I liked, obviously. 4/10

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