Redbelt (2008)

Drama/ Action/ Sport
Rated 15
Spoiler Free

Redbelt was recommended by a Twitter film-loving friend. I’ll miss Twitter, probably. It’s on its way out though ain’t it. David Mamet’s drama about principled MMA maestro Mike Terry (Chiwetel Ejiofor) got a hold of me fast, gripping me with its brooding seriousness and score. Dramatic and intense, within minutes I was picturing a more weighty version of Warrior, which is a fantastic combat sports film, and film full stop.

I very rarely note how much I’m enjoying the lighting on a film, but I did watching Redbelt, it is lit eye catchingly. Well acted and almost sombre, Redbelt is pretty damning of people’s motivations for doing pretty much anything and how easily corrupted humans are. That’s what Mike Terry represents, a man being bent against his will.

The truth about sticking to your principles in the face of reality is of course that eventually everyone breaks; there is always a situation where the ramifications of sticking to your principles are outweighed by some sort of compromise. A film about this is perfectly reasonable, but there’s too little physical conflict in Redbelt for it to be called an action film, in my opinion.

A well presented and put together drama sullied slightly by some predictable plot trajectory.

Bedsit it?

A solid film, great in places, Redbelt is very important feeling and not awful but felt it lost where it was going. I wished it had contained a little more fighting, but then I like fighting. 7/10

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