Dolls (1986)

Rated 18
Spoiler Free

Director Stuart Gordon (RIP) is a bit of a weird one, on one hand he’s made some excellent, albeit subversive, cinema, but on the other he’s not made any true bangers.

I have an inordinate amount of love for what he did do, though. A master of in camera effects; a film about malicious dolls was tailor made for his talents. Dolls is only one hour and seventeen minutes long. Is it short but sweet like, as a short man, I’ve never been called.

Dolls, haunted dolls, tear apart shit and a family tries to evade them. Carrie Lorraine plays a fearless 7-year-old, gifted with some great lines and steals the show as far as acting is concerned. I also love that a grown man is just nice to the kid but everybody thinks he's a nonce anyway, shows the eighties were just as suspicious of kindness as now.

It's camp fun, Dolls, it isn't horror in the sense of being scared, just very 80s and I love that. Innovative practical effects work is what makes the film so enjoyable. Old school bumps in the night. It's behind you!

Bedsit it?

There is blood but Dolls isn't a gore fest. More a creepy, funny horror show with a wonderfully self aware script and stop motion effects. 7/10

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