Fall (2022)

Rated 15
Spoiler Free

Ever had a dream where you’re falling? Of course you have.

Looking down at your toes and seeing the floor disappear.

A jump in your stomach.

Like a hiccup, a pleasant, sharp inhale,

Vertigo is both giddy joy and desperate fear,

As help evaporates beneath you.

What a great premise for a film,

But what a hard one, too.

It could be a concept stretched thinly,

Where is Fall going to hit?

Limited scope for drama and gory deaths.

Enticed by good reports,

But deterred by the Ledge, which was shit.

An obvious set up, sold with no dishonesty,

You have to ignore and disregard common sense.

With really only four characters,

The scope for interpersonal conflict is thinner than the air.

It is all, about the fall.

Scott Mann shreds every last nerve of yours with what he has,

That fall, chasm, the drop, is your monster and it never gets any easier to see.

I was tensing up, clenching my toes, wincing at the top,

Been a long time since I’ve been that blown away and excited.

This is why I watch films, to feel like this.

It's not the fall the kills you it's the landing,

That's where the fear is, knowing that on your way down.

But do you wake up when you hit the floor?

Bedsit it?

Wow, that was a fucking blast. 8/10 but for what it is that’s about as high as Fall was ever going to score (so full marks within a limited scope).

Poems should rhyme,

No they shouldn’t,

But I hate poems, even mine,

Poems are shit,

And fuck you.


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