The Beguiled (2017)

Tagline: “Innocent, until betrayed” Yawn

Premise: Colin Farrell is a civil war soldier rescued by some girls, there's a bird, or was it a toad... Zzzz

Execution: The Beguiled is possibly the most boring, pointless film I've seen in ages. It's like ninety three minutes of people faffing about. I needed a nap afterwards, I should have napped through it. Unfortunately my TV is under my bed (I live in a bedsit, don't know if I mentioned that). Should be called The Bemused, referring to it's audience.

Bedsit it? Swerve it. I can't think of a single reason to watch this film unless you're stuck in A level Film Studies and your teacher's a pseud. I only give it 3/10 because some of the cinematography is pretty and that distracted me from the rest of it.


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