Child’s Play (2019)

Spoiler Free
Horror/ Comedy
Rated 15

Child’s Play has been updated in every sense.

Mark Hamill replaces Brad Dourif, which is sad as Dourif was brilliant but had been the voice of Chucky for almost thirty years. With the switch to the new Chucky (more on him in a second) a new voice was needed, and Hamill brings a wonderfully creepy affect to the incredibly unsettling new creation. 

Given that almost everyone else dies in every film, the rest of the cast are all new, too. Only Brian Tyree Henry really stood out for me, but nobody sucks- this is a Child’s Play film, I wasn’t expecting RADA alumni.
This Child’s Play’s Chucky is a very modern monster, terrifyingly tied to the i-age. No longer is he a toy doll, he’s a horrifying home hub masquerading as an infant robot called Buddi. This gives the film new angles in terms of kills, and boy do they pay off. The scope is much more varied and identifiable.

Despite the technological advances, at its heart Child’s Play is exactly the same sort of knowing fun it was back in 1988. It's a perfect length, bang on an hour and a half with no fat on its bones. In places no skin either. Child’s Play boasts some great new ideas which are well executed and some nice laughs as the claret gets slapped about like rouge in a Victorian brothel.

Bedsit it?

I had a blast, laughing and revelling in the kills. The new approach is clever, and adds horror in another way- what with us trusting our lives to huge corporations in the name of convenience. Alright admittedly in the real world it is unlikely to be taken advantage of by a psychopathic robot toddler. Just by the huge corporations.
A great Halloween fun film. 8/10


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