Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Spoiler Free
Action/ Sci Fi
Rated 12A
Newly available for home viewing

Let’s start with this: I recognise that Avengers: Endgame is sacrosanct to Marvel fans, and I fully respect your rights to enjoy and even worship any film you see fit to. I tried to be impartial, I really did. Even having enjoyed several Marvel movies before, the fatigue with their conveyor belt of almost identical schtick had well and truly set in. Despite it, I was buoyed by the fever from my friends who’d fallen deeply enthral to Endgame.

The film went on, my Mar-veins coursing with renewed hope.

Jump cut an hour and a half- I snapped. I tried to watch Endgame properly and I wasn’t really annoyed at it, but just felt like I had other things to do. Which I don’t, obviously, I write a film blog in my spare time I’m hardly fending the ladies off with a stick. Still, it doesn’t say much for the film’s impact on me.
There is the occasional laugh or genuinely dramatic moment, without which I’d have turned Endgame off. This isn’t Tolkien though, I can’t do hours upon hours of Marvel. I genuinely looked over wistfully at the extended edition Lord of the Rings DVDs on my shelf. Although to be fair I only bought the extended versions to keep Sean Bean alive slightly longer. Ah Boromir, gone too soon.

Having seen a few Marvel films in the cinema, including at least one Avengers, the cinema is almost certainly the optimum venue for watching them. Despite the Bedsit Cinema being top notch home viewing, it is still just that: home viewing. The action is jaw dropping, but ludicrous. The action is also exactly the same as every Avengers film so far, as everyone of the now millions of characters turns up and fights one climatic battle.

Despite my best efforts to engage with it, I just couldn't properly manage it. Maybe I'm getting old, maybe I just need new Sci Fi.*

Bedsit it? I’d love to have a pop at geeks for being geeks, but I’m a geek. Bedsit Cinema hasn’t been going so long because of my indifference. I’m just not a Marvel geek. Also, Jeremy Renner’s hair is ridiculous for a man of his age, comic book character or not. Maybe if I had seen it in the cinema it'd score more than 5/10

*Did you know they’re making a follow up to Space Jam? Because the world has been crying out for that... Mind you at least they had the decency to put twenty odd years between the films, though and give me a bit of downtime.


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