Land of the Lost (2009)

Land of the Lost (2009)
Comedy/ Adventure/ Sci-iFi
Rated: 12A
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*Spoiler Free*

Perhaps one of Will Ferrell's lesser known, or possibly most forgotten films, Land of the Lost was made during big Will's heady purple patch. That being 2003's Anchorman – 2012 depending on how much you liked The Campaign. Anchorman was a career high, an all-time comedy great, and much of his output since has either slowly declined or bombed, but it was all slipping from a great height.

Director Brad Silberling is probably most famous for his big screen outing of Lemony Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events), starring Jim Carey, which was underrated. In fact, there may be an argument that Silberling has a decent track record in making in underrated films. He also made City of Angels, which every teenage girl in the world loved in 1998, and he directed the wonderful...  oh wait, erm? Casper? Ok I retract that statement, he doesn't have a decent track record in making in underrated films. A Series of Unfortunate Events was good though. As for Land of the Lost?
“Did I spend fifty million dollars of my own money on this? No! No, that's adorable. I spent fifty million dollars of the taxpayer's money. I don't have fifty million dollars!”

A remake of the TV series from 1974, Land of the Lost has an admittedly silly premise. Discredited for his theory that time travel is possible, science maverick Dr. Rick Marshall (Ferrell) eventually journeys into a realm where time and space co-exist. He is joined by doe-eyed young scientist Holly (Anna Friel); who is of the correct belief that his theories weren't nonsense. Together with oddball Will (Danny McBride- on cracking form) the three dodge dinosaurs, horny malevolent aliens and befriend a similarly horny ape-man. Turns out there's not a lot to hump in what is ironically something of a black hole.

Utter nonsense, but absolutely great fun. There's lots of throwback sci-fi costumes and effects, which are entertainingly mixed with modern CGI and practical effects, Land of the Lost definitely has something to please sci-fi fans. However, it's the comedy which carries it, and gives it a broader appeal.Die hard fans of the series may lament the update, but seriously how many of them are there? I've not seen the series and given that this version is so funny, honestly couldn't care if it was pissing on the original show's grave.
As one gets older, the concept of adventure becomes ever more a fiction, or simply less enticing. Land of the Lost made me want to be a part of the gang's escapades, bringing out a joy and connection I hadn't felt with a film for a little while. It was rather nice.

Friday night, bowl of popcorn (or chilli in my house), perfect fill-yer-boots chuckles. No brain tax.

The Cinematic Sommelier: If you don't know Will Ferrell's work then try that, but honestly if you don't I'm amazed your online reading film blogs. I really enjoy comedy Sci-Fi series The Orville. Mars Attacks has the same oddball energy and for the Netflixers, I refer you back to the Will Ferrell back catalogue advice.

Bedsit it? Land of the Lost is wacky, fun, kitsch, the adventure is unique. It is consistently hilarious... I really don't get the negative reviews on its release ten years ago. Yes Ferrell's work is so far a series of footnotes to Anchorman, but Land of the Lost is a missed gem. 8/10


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