Trailergeddon 2: Let's Geddit On

Trailergeddon returns! There are some very tidy looking films inbound. Awards season means there's plenty of high brow cinema around, but who wants high brow?

The Cinema mostly loves hi-octane action, horror and mayhem. Mostly. Here are some of the best looking trailers for films on their way...

Hyperinks to the IMDb pages are on each film's title.

25th January, Netflix

If you don't love Mads Mikkelsen, there's something wrong with you. Polar looks great fun, and is direct to your TV!
Who remembers when straight to video was a bad thing?

25th January, Cinemas

How the hell Clint Eastwood is still starring in and directing films I don't know, The Mule trailer is enticing and I think the real take home is sacrifices to Eastwood's Gods are working.

1st February, Cinemas

How to Train Your Dragon returns. Given that the first sequel was loads of fun, hopes are high after this fantastic trailer for the third film!

1st February, Cinemas

More Mads! More snow! And it isn't even Christmas...

17th May, Cinemas

Wankiest name ever for a bullets and beat-downs popcorn flick, but hey, John Wick is back, baby!

Plus, Ian McShane returns with it, and he's essentially Jesus to HBO fans.

22nd March, Cinemas

Jordan Peele's new horror should win an award just for the brilliant trailer remix of Luniz's I Got Five On It. While I thought Get Out was overrated, it wasn't awful and Us looks epic.

Not out until 2020, but OH FUCK YES!

Summer, Cinemas

London being blown up will appeal to UK Spidey fans. And ISIS.

Into the Spiderverse looks tonnes of Spider-Man fun, too. It's in cinemas now.

31st May, Cinemas

Can't possibly be as bad as the 2014 outing...

12th April, Cinemas

More London, more destruction, more McShane!

Hellboy looks awesome, and Bedsit Cinema is a huge Neil Marshall fan. Please, pleeeease let him get the Skull Island: Blood of the Kong gig.

5th April, Cinemas

Sometimes dead is better. I keep telling my mum that about her cat.

2nd August, Cinemas

Just when you think the X-Men have been reinvented enough, they hit you with a surprisingly fresh looking take. Adding a horror element to the mutant madness might be a stroke of genius.



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