Bad Day for the Cut (2017) Netflix

Tagline: Revenge is in the blood. Oooh revenge, I hope this is better than the film “Revenge” though, which was shite.

Premise: A single, middle aged farmer in Northern Ireland lives a lonely life with his elderly mother, until one day she is murdered without motive. But then men show up to kill him, and he begins to unravel why as he tries to turn the tables on the gang targeting his family.

Delivery: This Netflix revenge thriller from Northern Ireland was a film I saw on the site, looked at it's IMDb, watched the trailer and thought I'd give it a go. If Bad Day for the Cut's storyline sounds a bit far fetched, don't worry I had that concern too. My worries were alleviated by the end as the mystery regarding motive unravels. To say the film, given its country of origin and revenge/ blood for blood theme, is somewhat allegorical is not a step too far. In my opinion.

There is some lovely dark humour, as Nigel O'Niell's Donal teams up with the amusingly with the in-over-his -head Bartosz (Jozef Pawlowski- of Warsaw '44) and this is what caught me up in the film initially, these two novices with funny accents and contrasting backrounds bungling their way into a gunfight. I found the Northern Irish/ Polish odd couple very funny, and it was all rather jolly, right up until somebody got killed with a hammer. Then I started taking the film a bit more seriously. 

Bad Day for the Cut's violence is done believably but not too graphically. Nicely restrained, giving enough but not too much it retains it's rather realistic feel throughout, whilst throwing on some lovely original touches of its own. I bet you've never seen someone tortured with baked beans, for example. The small budget is put to good use, the film is well shot, acted and you'll want to keep watching to know the central riddle's answer.

Bedsit it? I put Bad Day for the Cut on not really expecting too much, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is a nice little gem hidden amongst the pantheon of Netflix booby traps. Very much enjoyed it. 7/10


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