Bitesize Bedsit: Hunter Killer (2017)

“You can’t go wrong with Gerard Butler.”

Said the man at For Your Eyes Only. 

“Have you seen London Has Fallen?”

I replied.

“Good point.”

I had avoided Hunter Killer precisely because it had the increasingly insufferable Butler in it. A man whose machismo peaked with 300 and has been throwing Viagra down his neck like skittles ever since, desperately trying to remain hard. However, he does still withhold some ability not to annoy me- and I hoped Hunter Killer would be one of those times.

Advertised as a submarine thriller, Hunter Killer has as much action terra firma as sub marina. The below the waves goings on are well done, I had forgotten how much I like a submarine movie. Although having said that I haven’t watched Das Boot despite owning the dvd for years because it’s fucking loooong, and because on top of that it’s in foreign and I’m lazy.

Hunter Killer has all the ridiculous stuff you’d expect, but is pleasingly average. I know that doesn’t sound like a compliment, and it’s kind of not one; but I sat through the film entertained and not growing angry at having to look at Gerard Butler. I’d talk about the acting, but if you’re seriously expecting me to critique the thespianism of a Gerard Butler action film then you’re fucking mad. My critique was that I didn’t get angry watching it. Win for Hunter Killer.

The action is done well, there’s some cool under-water shootery and I sat glazed over happily for however long it is (which is to say it didn’t drag or feel too short).

The elevator pitch for Hunter Killer was clearly “Ok, it’s Air Force One, but, wait for it… underwater.”. Cue rimjob from producer.

Bedsit it? Very much an "if it isn't for you it isn't gonna be for you" film, but there's mindless action, and Gerard Butler is sufferable. Rent Hunter Killer from For Your Eyes Only in Forest Hill cos they're great. 7/10


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